My boyfriend is being really confusing?

My friends were texting eachother today which is nothing out of the ordinary but apparently it was about my bf and I. One of them told the other (who is my boyfriends like best friend) that I didn't want them spending so much time together which I never said. The other one just said okay ill back off and I didn't really care when my friend sent me a screenshot but about 10 minutes later she sent me another screenshot, My boyfriend had taken my other friends phone and said these exact words he said other irrelevant stuff before but then said: If someone has a problem come and talk to me about it im beyond pissed off I hate people and I trust no one okay I don't form relationships. Love is a giant word for me to use and I almost never tell people that okay so please just drop it

and as far as he knows I told my friend to stay this stuff and he probably hates me now what can I do? I really care about him and don't want him to break up with me over something like this please help


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  • Andrea? From school?


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