When a guy stares at you with his mouth open?

Can you still take that as a guy just staring at you with this mouth open?

He's cute. I like him. I hope I'm not reading too much into it. He stared at me with his mouth open when I almost ran into him. Of course, I gave him the "triangle stare"- If you didn't know what that is, it's when a girl looks at both your eyes, your lips, and back to your eyes. It means she's interested. Lol. And I find it's true with me.

Anyway, do you think he's interested from that simple body language, or is it hard to tell? What's a more definite way I can get him to tell me he's interested in me without having to outright ask?

LMK. Please. I've liked this guy for 7 months but never had the nerve, and he's so busy he doesn't have time for me... :(


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  • I hope that not true about triangle stare because my dad's gfs daughter dose that to me all the time and she is 16 :/

    • she thinks you're cute. :) but she's 16. jailbait!

    • Thinking about her like that makes my stomach hurt.

      But the gaping mouth ben Affleck stare is probably a good sign.

    • hahahah. thanks. xD i'll take it as a compliment then. I hope he stares at me like that more often. <3 him.

  • Yes, he's drooling. Don't worry about time. If you someone truly likes you, he will make time for you. It's a secret; so, don't tell anyone.

    • thanks so much. you don't know how your comment secretly makes me very happy. lol. I like him so much. and because I admire him so, to think it might be mutual feels like a compliment. hahah. i'm sure you understand. ;P

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    • Exactly, good luck!

    • thanks. i'm hitting up a bar for the first time this weekend. i'm excited. can't wait to meet some cute guys out there! hahah.

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