If a guy's a jerk to one girl, is he a jerk to every girl?

There is this mega ass, and he's got a crush on this girl, but I wonder if he's capable of staying loyal to anyone.

I have a feeling she'll get hurt pretty soon.

Do guys like that ever have feelings for anyone?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah most guys can be like this and think its a game or a joke without knowing if we're hurting the girl. Now some of us have this weird defense mechanism were we act like jerks around women only to actually be very attracted to them and not find a proper way to tell them this. But remember thats just some of the guys who do this others actually have the decency to properly tell a girl how he actually feels about them.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not to the girl he likes. Guys (I think) tend to prioritise the girl they like. My brother is a jerk but he treats his girlfriend like royalty. He would even slap another girl who offended his girlfriend!!

    • That's not very nice, slapping another girl lol there is nothing flattering about that.

      I'd be mortified if someone I liked did that, what he can do to one girl he can do to any girl, say no to violence!

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    • Lol did he really though? Slap another girl?

    • I'm not sure because he's in college far away from my school!!

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