Do guys always want second chances or more with their recent ex?

especially if she broke up with him and cut contact.

my ex came back to me after 5 months, we talked for awhile then i cut it off again.

Do you believe that guys go back to their exes... for the 3rd time or their done after a certain point?


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  • Well if theyre needy and can't find someone new in their lives yes they do, which is unhealthy considering that he was dumped twice. That should be a clear sign that it didn't work out, but then again some men are just pigs who settle for repeats for their own pleasure. :/

  • Most would be done, the frustration of coming back everytime would be overwhelming 8 times out of 10 he isn't coming back. As for me I'm trying to get back with my ex for the 1st time and have no thoughts of going for other girls. It depends how confident he is but if I were him I'd move on definitely.


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