Sometimes I feel like this guy I like is looking at me sometimes. Could I be imagining it?

I kind of have an overactive imagination, so I'm wondering. Anyway, I got a crush on him at the homecoming dance when we danced together (I was showing my guy friend how to do a swing dance move). I tend to act kind of drunk (even though I've never touched a drop of alcohol in my life, other than at a Communion and thats another story). I guess its because I'm so happy and having so much fun. Whats the saying? "High on life"? So because of this, I was very bold and confident. I was trying to teach my guy friend a dance move and he totally failed at it. So I looked over at his friend (who wasn't doing much) and said, "_______ try this" So I taught it to him and he actually was a pretty good dancer. After that I had a crush on him : ). And after Homecoming I felt as if he was watching me. I still feel it sometimes where I'll look up and see his eyes in my direction and sometimes meeting mine. We haven't talked a whole lot since the dance, but the times we have have been lengthy and good. When we worked on a project together, he also sided with me too. So what do y'all think?
Drunk isn't the right word. I guess the best word would be giddy? I act super giddy at parties.


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  • Well, for now it doesn't confirm anything. Talk to him more, be around him more and than you'll start gathering new facts and will be able to be more sure about it.


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  • I really don't think so. I'm sorry Hun


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