Was he checking me out?

There's a guy at the course Im at that I think is quite attractive although he is 4 years older than me.

It's a cookery course, so I was getting some butter out of the fridge and he walked past and I saw in the reflection that he looked back at me and down wards slightly, kinda like he was looking at my ass, which is kinda pointless since our uniforms aren't the most flattering.

I keep kinda thinking if we both went into the supply pantry that I should walk with my butt towards him (it's only a small space so you have to squeeze past people) do if kinda brush against him, and see what he'd do. It's silly I know.

I also notice him looking at me occasionally and he always asks how my weekend went.

What do you think?


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  • It does seem that he is attracted to you, and probably wants to pursue something. He was most likely checking you out. I say test the waters like you said, and see how he reacts. Then go from there, see what you wanna do about it.

    • Thank you I will do that

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  • He wanted to butter your muffin.

    KIDDING, just kidding. But yeah he's attracted to you.


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