Guys only: Going home with a girl?

If you met a girl at a frat party and she lived in a single would it be weird if she invited you to go back with her and hang out? Would you always expect sex? Would you be mad if you just made out and did other stuff but didn't have sex? What would you want to do or assume you would do if she asked you to come over and hang out?


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  • be careful some drunk guys can make big mistakes and get upset easily
    I personally would be ok just kissing and laying in bed with her but usually that is a bit more intimate, if she asked me to come back to her room, i would be expecting it but wouldn't make it a big deal if she said no

    i think guys who get upset at that, are a bit too frustrated with life lol


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  • I wouldn't expect anything. That way, I won't ever be disappointed.

  • A lot of guys would be wanting sex.

  • If a girl asked me to come home with her alone after a party, I'd be expecting that we'd have sex and I'd probably feel annoyed and confused if we didn't.

    • what if I said I wasn't going to have sex. Would you still come back with her?

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    • I guess it depends on if I thought he was a decent guy. I don't want to have sex with some guy that has sex with every girl that talks to him.

    • That's fair enough, its good that you have that level of self-respect.

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