No eye contact with me but looks at other girls?

My crush and I have been going back and forth with random signals of interest we're giving. We've made small talk a couple times before but then we stopped talking and we started doing things like I've been looking at him from a distance and he keeps walking past me a lot but doesn't make eye contact.

When I try to look at him he puts his head down and doesn't look at me even if I don't see him.
It makes me feel bad.
Off guard today, he didn't see me but I seen him and he was walking past and was looking at this girl but she wasn't paying any attention she was putting something on a shelf. For like three seconds.

NOW I feel horrible. It's like oh so he can look at her but he can't look at me for even a second!
Why doesn't he look at me like that?


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  • Well, if he is looking at other girls, then that means he finds them hot enough to look at, and that he is confident enough to look at them. But around you, he can't make eye contact because he is really shy around you. This is a good sign because it means that he might have such strong feelings that he can't even hold eye contact with you! I know it sounds hard, but if he really is shy around you, then maybe you should try initiating talking, and asking to hang out casually. I know girls prefer to wait, but some guys are just so afraid of being rejected by the girl they have the strongest feelings for that they have to try really hard not to reveal any feelings.


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  • haha chill out geez. i doubt he can read your mind maybe just ask to hangout or something and than see what happens


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  • The girl wasn't looking at him like you was

    • I dont look at him everytime

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