What's the explanation for this?

So I've been seeing this guy for 6 months. He is a virgo and I'm a scorpio and according to astrology were very compatible. We have a great vibe. I spent the night with his for the first time this past Friday and it was great. The conversation was awesome we enjoyed each other's company.
So he asked me a question:
How much more open can I be? I want you to be completely open.

What does he mean?

I also have a tendency to disappear if I start catching feelings for a guy.
So I asked:
If I catch feelings should I disappear or embrace it?
He replied embracing it is always best.
Is that a good thing? Why would he want me to embrace it?

Thanks for the advice/opinions


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What Guys Said 1

  • He want to get with you so of course he want you to embrace your feeling as well?

    He want you to be open = tell him everything that bothering you/on your mind. No secrecy basically.

    • But I've always been open so I'm not sure how much more open I can get. And in the beginning we both agreed were not looking for anything no expectations so why would I embrace my feelings when he said that?

What Girls Said 1

  • Being open is always good in a relationship of any kind. Catching feeling isn't a bad thing but there's always a risk. Is this guy worth the risk to you? I think you can tell after 6 months. If he is than go for it, if you have to hesitate maybe he isn't worth it. Only you would know

    • I'm so use to being hurt that's why I leave my feelings at the door. He is worth it I just want to make sure it's right and that he wants me how I want him. We're starting to spend more time with each other. It just freaks me out because we agreed on no expectations and that we're not looking for anything serious so I'm not sure if I should embrace it. What if he never feels the same that's the risk I'm afraid of especially because he's 5 years older than me.

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