What does this even mean?

I noticed this guy at my gym looks at me a lot and often plus his friend/s do it too but not when "he" is around and I noticed he's usually around me and I did talk to him once but very briefly even though my bro was there anddd I'm sure I made it clear that he was my bro by saying "omg I can't believe we're related (joking) + hey I'm your sis + what did mum/dad say?"
Like yesterday I working out my shoulders and later I see him coming diagonally opposite of me doing a leg workout so I waved and he did too I was kinda surprised when he waved back since he was drinking water and he stayed there for a bit and went back

This looks etc has been going on for months now and my bro said if he was interested he would say hi despite I'm "bro" there since you did

What does this mean?
I'm going to gym tomorrow with a friend
what should I do?


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What Guys Said 1

  • both him and his friends want to bang you i believe


What Girls Said 1

  • These days i could mean anything, he could just be being nice but then he could also be a shy person and thats why he hasn't made any move yet.

    • Hmm yeah it is
      Yeahh what should I do?

    • i guess talk to him or ask someone that you both know to find out if he is interested

    • Hmm yeah sounds good
      My friend might help me out with that

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