Could he possibly be interested in me? or am I imagining things?

I thought this guy was interested in my friend but now i'm not too sure about that. I kind of didn't like the guy when i first met him. he kind of pissed me off. he still sort of does. he just gets a rise out of me. i dont know why.

I have spent the last few months pining over some douchebag (guy 1) who tried to sweep me off my feet but i never gave in. i liked him but i wasn't sure if maybe all he wanted was to get in my pants. i still think so.

but i have noticed that another guy (guy 2) who apparently talks to him a lot has always been different around me.
When I first met him, i didn't pay him much attention to him. My coworker/ friend invited us to a bar one night, and she invited him as well as a few other people. im normally quiet but when i drink, man do i talk. and apparently im hilarious. when we left the bar, my friend said he texted her saying that i was really fun.

another time, we hung out outside of work, and he kept trying to argue with me. not sure if play fighting but i didn't appreciate it. he was trying to argue about my beliefs. it was sort of annoying.

so guy 1 and i normally play fight and we are all touchy with eachother. guy 2 just watches. lately, guy 1 tells me not to talk to guy 2 because he's stupid, or he is an asshole. he even says he hates guy 2. but i just found out they talk a lot. they even go to the gym together. so I don't know why guy 1 is being such a jerk. i feel bad.

guy 2 is just nice. he just watches me a lot with that look. i know that look. guy 2 even knows about this guy i used to "be in love with." he even met him. guy 2 even wanted to help me out with him. he's actually very sweet. Lately, guy 2 has been trying to get very touchy with me like guy 1. i feel sort of weird about it though.

maybe im imagining things. im not sure if maybe he just likes me as a friend/ coworker or possibly more?


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  • I'm thinking a just a friend. I don't see any signs that he's doing anything beyond sonething a friend would do


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