Weird and confusing friend?

I met a guy and after some getting to know each other and flirting we had the sex talk in which we discussed that he was only looking for some one to only provide oral pleasure where he would not partake in returning the favor nor indulge in penetrating. (Yeah I thought he was retarded too ladies and gents) we decided to friend zone each other yet randomly he'll say some sexual innuendo that's a bit confusing. I went out this weekend and sent him a pic of my outfit and all he said was MINE. what the eff?


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  • Yeah, weird guy! or else, he has preferences which are too different and uncommon.

    • Yes! Hr asked what u was looking for and once I said. Amazing mutual sex he said that's too deep.. lol

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  • I've been in this situation. And it brought a lot of trouble to me so i think you should backout or try and avoid him. But i personly think backing out is better.

    • I totally friend zoned him

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