Why did this guy have Sweaty hands and short eye contact?

Yesterday i got introduced to a guy i have seen around a lot at school for the first time. When he shook my hand his hand was a little sweaty and when he spoke and asked me questions he made short eye contact, so he was smiling and asking heaps of questions but couldn't hold eye contact with me.
In the past i have seen him watching me from window reflections.

Any ideas to why he couldn't look at me in the eye for more then a small glimpse?


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  • sweaty?

    sweaty = nervous

    • Why would he be nervous?

    • because he's attracted to you!!

      if someone's near to someone he's attracted with then chances are he'd be nervous

    • So how do i find out for sure? Would he ask me out? If i knew for sure i would ask him out!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Sweaty hands = nervous
    Couldnt make eye contact = shyness
    Watching you (plus all of the above) = likes you.


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  • Nervous, maybe he likes you / your looks already.

    • I thought maybe he doesn't like me.

    • Nah, he does :)

      Maybe he's nervous in front of girls generally, but best bet is he likes you.

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