I need some clarification on this: Yesterday in class this guy kept looking at me & wouldn't look away when I looked at him. What does this mean?

Ok so in class yesterday, this guy that I've never talked to and we've never acknowledged each other before kept looking at me and wouldn't look away when I would catch him looking.

I wouldn't look at him on purpose but I get bored in that class and start looking around the room, and at times I felt him looking so I would naturally look at him, and indeed he would be looking. Even when I wasn't looking at him I could feel his gaze on me. I would always look away quickly because I suck at making eye contact and either way, I don't think I would've initiated that with him.

But what got to me was this one time where I decided to look right at him, and really look, not just glance, while he was looking at me and he still didn't look away.

Now on some places I've read that this means he's admiring me and thinks I'm attractive/ genuinely likes me, while in other places I've read that the fact that he doesn't look away means he's just interested in me sexually, since he would be shy and look away if he was interested in me for more than just sex.

So guys, I would really appreciate your opinion on this guy's motives. I assume it's clear that he finds me attractive at the very least, but attractive for just sex or is he genuinely attracted to me?

And ladies feel free to talk about any experiences you've with guys who wouldn't look away when you caught them looking.

SORRY FOR WRITING SO MUCH! But I just thought I should be detailed lol Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this and respond :)


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  • The way you described it reminded of this scene

    I can't really comment because I've never blatantly stared at a girl extensively. He definitely finds you attractive. He definitely wants to sleep with you. Whether he wants a relationship is unclear.


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  • Did he smile? If there was no emotion on his face then maybe he was looking at the area around you or staring off into space


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  • he likes you without a doubt but i would talk to him to find out what he wants

    • lol this was so long ago, but I don't see him anymore, at least not normally like I did when I had class with him. I've only seen him once since the class that I had with him ended. But thanks for your input! how did you even find this question from so long ago? haha

  • "You're next!"


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