What to get a guy for his birthday?

My boyfriend's birthday is a couple weeks from now and I have no idea what to get him.

I've already gotten him clothes before for other occasions (polo shirts, graphic T's, etc.)

He loves video games but I just got him some gaming stuff and a wallet for Christmas. I was going to get him a watch but his mom got him one for Christmas already.

He says he doesn't know what he want and the only suggestion he gave me was a certain brand of lotion/body wash.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Go to the Body Shop... nice grooming products for guys... low prices.


    • These products are a little pricey for the amount. He likes the men's line at bath and body works.

    • Ok. I really like their stuff... especially the hemp products.

Most Helpful Girl

  • u could get him a gift card to gamestop if he likes video games or u could get him clouthes from J. crew or h&m or old navy

    • I got him gamestop and psn cards for Christmas and I get him clothes all the time.

    • oh I see u could probably then get him a food he likes maybe some kind of snack he might like

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