He really just wants to cuddle and remain friends?

I broke up with my bf two weeks ago because I couldn't deal with the lies anymore. I found out he cheated on me several months back. We've broken up before many times due to arguments surrounding priorities but we always got back together. This time is different because both of us don't know how to make it work anymore. He also does not want to be in a committed relationship. He wants to hookup and date others as he pleases. He says he can't handle a serious relationship right now.

He wants to be friends and cuddle, literally sleep next to watch other, and have brunch dates. He says he enjoys my company and wants the intimacy. He doesn't want sex and it's proven because he just wants to cuddle.

What is his deal and why is he doing this if he wants to be just friends?


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  • Look. He wants to have an open relationship and do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. You don't want that right? To my mind, I dont think it will work out. You have to set some qualities on the other's character beforehand and then see if they apply to the other person. If your relationship standarts aren't the same what's the point of being in a toxic relationship?


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  • I think he wants to be more than a common friend but he doesn't wanna go too far to the point and a relationship and sex. Like he said, he enjoys your company too much.

  • He wants a wife to greet him when he comes from banging his mistress. Wife and mistress is the figure of speech of course, but a good resemblence.


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