Should I tell this guy in blocking his number or just do it without telling him?

So I was on tinder over the weekend looking for a hookup , which I made clear in my bio. I matched with this guys and we started talking, and I gave him my phone number so it would be easier to meet up. He bailed on meeting up last minute so I stopped replying to his texts. Yesterday he was getting really agressive over text, getting so mad at me for not replying. Over 40 text messages even though I wasn't replying. I understand how it's my fault for giving out my number , and I do feel bad that he feels like I'm leading him on but I do not respond well to guys sending threats over text. It's been freaking me out and I've decided to block his number. Does he deserve a text telling him it's not going to work out , or should I just never reply and block his number?


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  • Just block him. If he sent you 40 texts and was being aggressive he clearly has issues and an explanation is not needed. He doesn't deserve your time!


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  • you can just block him and let him figure it out but if he is some aggressive psychopath then giving him a reasonable explanation may be more beneficial before blocking.


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