Would it freak you out if a girl you like and have history with , suddenly moved into your building?

Would you be uncomfortable?

Would you be glad?

Would you be nervous?

Would you avoid them?

I've been looking for a place new school for three months. One just opened up for lease but it's in the same building as the guy I like and we both kind of know we like each other but we're being pretty clandestine about our feelings Bc we have some complicated history.

It's not like I'm going to not take the place if I bothers him but I just want to know if it'd bother you?

Should I avoid him till he gets used to it?
#snowboarder how wa I being a bitch? Bc you complained the question was too broad to answer instead of just asking about specificity -so I gave you information?

That's bizarre.. Like blocking me without any words.. You have got one short tiny little micrcopic fuse my fellow human. Goodluck with that. ;-)


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  • haha, I guess it would depend on the whole "history" with her. This question has such a broad spectrum of answers, it's hard to know which one applies to your situation.

    This is like me asking, "I'm hungry. What food would taste best for me right now?".

    • No. it'd be be like you being hungry and me asking what food YOU want.. Not so broad,

      History : is we dated a year ago and I left town for an internship before anything was settled. We didn't talk for a year after I came back. We've been on speaking terms for three months. We hang out often. I asked him out but he didn't trust it. Then He talked about going out for a while but gave no warning when actually asked me out -- I was busy. I asked him out a few weeks later and he reacted defensive. We're on speaking terms atm but it's a bit tense.

      Son would it bother you?

      I ask Bc I wasn't even going to say anything... Just let it emmerge on its own. But my friend told him when we were all hanging out and the guy started talking about how dirty the land lord keeps the building is. And I've been there and he knows I have been there's bc he's invited me over its not & dirty"

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    • It's an Odd thing to say even odder things to lie about. He was saying It to my friend but he knew I coukd hear.

    • Well if you're going to be a b*tch about it, forget it.

  • No it wouldn't bother me I'd be glad but maybe just a little nervous

    • Yeah that's how Id feel:)

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