Why would he say that his walls go up the more vulnerability I show him?

This is after discussing whether or not we could have something between us. We are friends who never had sex with each other. I told him I would like to be more than friends. He said it wouldn't be responsible of him to subject me to years of neglect while he finishes school. He also says he thinks we are a match. Is this really a cop out? Or a real internal conflict within himself?
I would love to hear a man's take on this


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  • It's internal conflict. he likes you and was pleased to hear that you like hkm back. But he doesn't want to hurt you and leave you lonely while he finishes school. He likes you a lot, maybe even loves you. He wants to protect you.

    • Thank you! what would you do in this situation?

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    • Do you have a similar situation going on?

    • No, but I have seen people make mistakes and go through it.

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