Why do boys stare without looking away?

Do they think they're so sly or something, that you'll crumble in their staring and fall for it?

Sometimes I literally feel like rolling my eyes, what are they hoping to accomplish by staring into your eyes?


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  • Women , you look them in the eyes they think you have some ulterior motives , you DON'T look at them in the eyes they think you're a wuss.
    There's no winning lol

    • a wuss or a creeper

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    • Were you growing a second head out of your shoulder?

    • No but I did look on some occasions like I wasn't okay, so I guess he's trying to show 'he cares,' or something.

      Which is really funny, because he could've helped me if he wanted to, but he didn't. After he was put in a position where him helping me wouldn't cause HIS loss, he was giving me these looks, and I was like... screw you

Most Helpful Girl

  • They're letting u know their attracted

    • No he always looks at me as though he's trying to form a connection with me or something, like 'are you okay?' it's not an attraction look

    • I know what mean, guys do that to me too. The smart guys who know that you are not into the playboy thing will act more caring to catch you attention. If you like him, then that's fine and good but if you don't it can be annoying, I know. :))

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  • Just go with it.. whether he likes you or not, he's clearly intrigued by you.

  • You could have a booger hangin out yo nose


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  • Say to him "yes?" or "whats the matter?"


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