What should these guys do?

So here's a video showing an attractive woman just randomly sitting on guys. Clearly this is a violation of their personal space, but these guys don't have any acceptable way to address this. If it was the other way around, she could slap him, call the police, have her BF beat him up, and no one would blame her. But what should these guys do? How could they address the situation, without coming off as the bad guy?

Let me know what you think

Notice the fourth one where the guy is with his GF, that relationship is OVER, anything he says will not be believed. He's the victim but his GF blames him for someone else's act.


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  • i only see one way. Play Along. seriously. even if the women is unattractive, i dont see any way out of it. any reaction by the boy, and the society will blame the boy only. :(

    • Exactly! Kind of F'd up isn't it? I want to hear some girls answer this one.

    • i m following ur qn too. its really the best question i hav seen in weeks!

    • random comment to put it on the site feed again

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  • Ha ha! That was so random and kinda funny! I think they should've stood up and walked away if it bothered them. That guy with the girl though... she should've told her it was all just a prank... that poor guy... lol.

    • imagine a guy do the same things. would u still consider dat girls should just sand up and walk away?

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