He said he would text me tomorrow but never texted me?

This guy and me met on MEET ME a couple of months ago we have been talking for like 3 months everyday. HE would call me baby babe and he would text me in the morning. Then last week outta the blue he just stopped texting me in morning and then he just never even texted me for one day. Sunday night we were texting and he said he was going to bed and i said noo and he like im going to bed because you won't tell me what you were going to say. I told him that i wanted to have him still talk to me because i missed talking to him. HE said i know you miss me... I was confused because shouldn't he be the one to miss me? not the other way around? ANd then he said i have early release tomorrow so i can talk to you the whole day if you can. THen i said wow you dont miss me i feel the love.( i was joking) but then he said I miss you dont worry ok:) lol and night sleep tight beautiful... I feel like he is just not interested in me anymore. I dont know how to ask him and get a truthful answer out of him?


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