Guys, Help Me Out Just A Little... Please and Thank you?

There are two things that this fellow I am smitten with has done. I would like to get a male perspective as to why these things take place...

1) Kissing your partner on the forehead.

2) After the first time we had sex, he knelt on the ground and wrapped his arms around my legs.


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  • 1) its more intimate and has a deeper meaning , personally.

    2) seems like his own way of showing deep emotional intimacy

    • Thank you very much for your thoughts. I do appreciate it!

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  • answer to no 1, that is down to the guy, might be more meaningful to him, or might just be he didn't want to move his head and your forehead was closest to his lips, lol

    no2, he might like the feel of your ass, and having his face as close to between your legs as he can, i have done it, its sexy having a woman standing over you her fingers through your hair as your hold her tight,

    i don't think there is anything there that should worry you

    • Thank you for your opinion. I do appreciate it. I didn't worry about it, but did wonder what perhaps the thought process in doing so.

    • not a bother, if you ever have any other questions feel free to ask

  • This is what it means when I do them:

    1) A kiss on the nose or forehead says I am really into her... it means I really care! Kiss on the mouth is intimate/sexual, but on the forehead means I really like her for being her!

    2) He likely needed to catch is breath... way to go girl! You must have really worked him! JK. For me... It means I am quite taken with all of her, every part! Hug any part of her because she just feels good all over and she makes me a happy camper:)


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