What do you guys think when you are holding her butt?

I just want to now what do you think when you touch her ass. What do you want her to do? What should it come next? Do you want her to stop you? I don't know just tell me


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  • I have a bigg booty and I was wondering how I could get a guy to touch it?

    • Well, for me it happens like when we are kissing, he likes to squeeze my ass, or touch it. But if it doesn't work for you, when you are making out put his hands down your back, the most possible is that he will like to grab it, but if he does not, you should put his hands in your butt yourself. Apply this if the thing gets hot, and with your boyfriend or someone you have been dated at least 3 times.

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  • it mean that you have sexy but and that you should let the see it and on occasion you might be desperate to make him stop so tell him to stop

  • "you ass is too tight"


  • c1.staticflickr.com/.../8107697327_a9c7ddd210.jpg

    I'm sure this goes through their heads at least once.


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