Does he like me?

So basically, about 2 months ago I started talking to this guy on an app. He messaged me first saying hi and he complimented me, then after a week of messaging on the app he asked for my number because its easier to just text, and I gave it to him. (He just turned 16 last month) We live in the same country but like a 40 minute drive away. We have a lot in common and we nearly always have something to talk about, so it barely ever gets awkward. I really enjoy talking to him and since I've seen some photos of him I find him very attractive, he said the same thing to me once. We talk about meeting up a lot, and how the 40 minute distance is not a problem for him, he told me what he wants to do when we meet up so its like he has it planned roughly, (I find it quite cute). I definitely know that he is who he says he is because we chatted for a bit on snapchat before. We've only been texting for 2 months now but it feels like much longer. I asked how he felt about Skype-ing me one day, but he just said he hates Skype, which really disappointed me because I really want to talk to him properly and it took me a lot of courage to ask him that as I'm not very confident myself. Why wouldn't he want to Skype me though? ;( Sorry if this is really long, but I just had to list the facts first :) So I'm confused, does he like me or is he just messing?


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  • I'm in the same situation. He just doesn't wanna use Skype because he's shy. He thinks you won't find him as attractive if you Skype him. You should maybe try work around it by telling him that looks ain't everything. you just need to encourage him that he's gorgeous outside just as much inside. Compliment him all the time. Make sure he knows that you find him attractive all the time. Not just when he looks good. It'll make him feel more comfy and hopefully end up Skyping with you!!!

    • Thank you for your advice, I will try that out.

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  • i wouldn't text a girl if i didn't like her
    he definitely likes you, do you have him on instagram or facebook? just to make sure he is who he says he is
    The Skype things is a little suspicious too, why wouldn't he want to?

    • I did search him up on Facebook and Instagram and I found both of them. I didn't want to be a stalker, I just wanted to make sure he is real, and I think I have enough proof that he is who he says he is. Also I'm quite upset about the Skype thing, but he did mention at times that he is quite self conscious, so maybe that's why. I don't know..

    • ok thats good! at least you know he is legit
      yeah maybe he is a bit self conscious
      just try and go on a date sometime

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