Weird guy... I don't know what he's thinking?

I met this guy online two months ago. We started to go out just four weeks ago for three dates. First two dates dates went really well, we kissed and held hands. The third date didn't go well as it was a rescheduled quick lunch thing. We sorta ran out of things to say during the lunch and he had to go back to work afterwards. He still kissed me goodbye.

Before the 3rd date, he texted me several times each day. But afterwards, texts became less and less. Also, before the 3rd date, he never checked in his online dating profile, but afterwards, he checked in every day.

He never asked me out again. It's been two weeks. But we keep flirting via texts. I mean before the 3rd date, we seldom flirted via texts, only normal chatting. But after that, we started flirting although he never asked me out again.

Only last week, when he got hungover in the morning, he called me up but I didn't take it. My guess was he wanted to stay at my place for some rest? I don't know. He's so weird, the only couple of times he called me was 3am or after his hangover.

I mean I am totally cool with it if he doesn't want to see me any more. But what's with the flirt and drunk call?


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  • I think the ladies hit the nail on the head, he likes you, just for whatever reason he is not willing to pursue a relationship with you

    • Ok... What shall I do?

    • Don't worry about it, let him chase you. Otherwise I agree with the ladies, you probably dodged a bullet and didn't' over invest your time in him

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  • you are his backup. he realized after the third date that for him it wasn't going anywhere but still likes you somewhat or thinks you're hot.
    Wenn a guy only calls drunk or at impossible times, he just wants to hook up. If you're cool with that go ahead. If not, drop him and cut off contact.


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  • He doesn't want to pursue a relationship but would sleep with you. Move on and chalk this one up to dodging a bullet. I wouldn't return his calls either.

  • He wants a friends with benefits . If that's not what you want, then forget him and move on.


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