Guys, what does this mean?

I've seen this so many times where there's a couple I'm friends with on Facebook and the girl always posts stuff on the guy's wall, but he never likes it. The girl also posts pictures of herself on her Facebook and the guy doesn't bother to like it ever. I'm just curious about what this means? Care to shed some light on the subject guys?


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  • Quite simply, the dude isn't all that into her. If he thought liking her posts would make him clingy, then he would just like a couple of them. Not liking any of them would come across as cold.
    But he could be trying to convince himself he likes her.
    But he doesn't. He definitely doesn't.

    • even if they've been dating for a long time?

    • Yeah, I suppose. If they've been dating a long time then he may have gotten bored.

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