How to avoid stares from guys?

I had practice today (basketball) and I was the only female that showed up and guys kept staring possibly because I usually wear athletic tights or shorts but I'm 6' tall I have long legs I can't win.. So is there anything I can do to stop getting stares I don't like it and I end up in trouble "for being a distraction"? It's not my fault my teammates don't show up


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  • Don't be ashamed that there looking at you. It's a privalage rock it girl. If there staring and you don't like it politely ask them to quit. If they don't tell your coach if they don't do anything. It may be time to hit the road jack. Good luck


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  • there's no real way to ovoid it and if you get in trouble for it its not your fault. its natural for guys to do this so don't think they are all pervs. If your coach is saying that you are a distraction then say stare at some guys and see what he does. if he does nothing call him sexist and he will prob stop xD

    • Oh good idea! I'll have to do that... They usually play shirtless so it won't be hard to try to stare

  • You're hot, men will stare. It's not what you wear that attracts them, it's you in general.

    • Oh great... Maybe I'll find new courts because I don't want this attention in athletics

    • Perk and downfall of being a girl I guess.

    • Yeah but it's annoying when they flirt constantly

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