Would a guy feel insulted if a girl barely considered him a guy? Kind of like feel the need to prove he's boyfriend material?

So I may have tried to bully him by laughing at him/purposely try to make him squirm, I wonder if he thinks he's not even a guy for me.

To be fair to me, if we got into a physical fight is most certainly be able to take him but it doesn't stop me from liking him


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  • I wouldn't allow it, I'm the only person I need reassurance from.

    • Well he started it. Why'd he let me get away with it?

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    • He's just soft

    • Could be.

      But he isn't normally, so if just surprised me

  • Not going to spend a second on a girl who tries to make me feel bad, nor should he.

    • I think he expected it considering HIS past behaviour

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