What hair lenght to do guys prefer?

I have really long hair that is up to my belly button maybe an inch longer. I was thinking about cutting it short. Not pixie cut short but shoulder length.. Like kylie jenner hair length or like selena gomez hair when it was short and wavy. What do guys prefer?
  • long hair
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  • slighty above the shoulder length hair
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  • These questions about "do guys/girls like ______ never give you a real answer. Everyone has their own preferences.

    When it comes to something like hair length, it's even more unclear. There are plenty of short haired hot girls and long haired hot girls and medium haired hot girls.

    I think, generally, lore hair is what people like but that's also cuz it's more common.

    • I think people are just looking into the sort of tastes people have so they can try out new styles mang.

  • I generally prefer long hair, but I have seen some that short hair works for them.

  • Long, definitely long.

  • Shorter. It doesn't get in the way when you're sucking my dick.


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