What does "bye girl" mean?

This guy i like and i have been friends for some time and he has started to act kinda different. The most different thing im noticing though is how he says good bye to me. And no its not derogatory like "go get out of here" "good bye i dont like you dont talk to me". He says "bye girl" in this sweet tone to me now. He used to always say "bye" or "see ya later" but he switched it. I wouldn't be asking this question if it were like him. But its completely out of context. Even a friend of mine who has known him for awhile has never heard that come out of his mouth. He said he's never talked to a girl like that. Which is why im wondering under what circumstances would he start calling me girl. I dont wanna miss something because he's such an awkward subtle guy. And i know it means more than everyone thinks. I've got a strange feeling.


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  • I bet it's a greeting.


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