When a guy asks for help?

so i am in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and today we were serving the teachers breakfast and when we were cleaning up a guy asks me to help him walk a table to the AG room i could only walk it halfway because it was heavier than i expected and i weigh 105 pounds so he asked a passing guy to help him the rest of the way. the whole way there he was asking me if i was okay or if i needed help which totally proved me wrong because he is also in my PE class and all the girls feel the guys in my class take dodgeball way too seriously but he is super nice not only i was wearing very little makeup and my hair was a naturally wavy/curly hot mess


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  • I am not saying he's interested in you but he may be, I quit FFA cause of my ex, I met her there and she kept wanting me to go to the state and national finals, I couldn't stand it I can only do so well in the competition. But he does have good manners and I would defiantly say tell him thank you tomorrow!


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  • He have good manners


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