If another girl was your preference?

Guys, would you chase a girl who put off dates and acted hot/cold for a number of months if there was another girl chasing you who was your preference?

He gave up hope i'd ever date him and now they're dating. I know she was chasing him whilst he was chasing me but I now worry whether he was flirting with us both at the same time :'(

Only a male friend told me that no guy would put up with mood swings/date refusals from a girl for months if he had another girl chasing him, actually making effort, whom he preffered. Thoughts?
Any guys?


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  • All the time.

    As a guy if the one I am chasing does that hot/cold crap and then I notice another woman is into me I'll turn around and date her and actually end up liking her more than the one I was chasing.

    Your male friend is spot on.


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  • For a number of months? When you`re actually interested in someone, you don`t play any type of months for "that long"... the chase can be fun, but for a prolonged period of time, it can get rather boring... because you`re definitely not the only girl in the universe, and eventually he "will" find someone else, even if no other girl was chasing him... why did you play off so long if you`re so bumbed out about him being with someone else? it`s a lesson to be learned, now move on and play you game wisely next time... don`t make someone wait so long just for a date if you actually like him. :]! Bye

    • 5 months. Because he's too good for me. I've no confidence. But I don't want anyone else :( I am extremely fussy and guys who chase me now are boring me. Took him for granted:'(

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  • Can I ask why you acted hot/cold? You seem to really like him, maybe he didn't know that...

    • I'm bipolar 2. Constantly confused and not yet medicated. I do really like him but couldn't let him in. I know I have to work on me before dating now but I just don't want everything he said to me to have been a lie. I think she's his preference because I think she's prettier.

    • Well if he was chasing you and she was chasing him, I'm sure you were actually his preference because he was making the effort with you. Maybe he just felt you weren't interested... or would never give him a chance so he settled for what was easier. I don't think that means the things he said to you were a lie. Maybe sometime in a comfortable conversation you two can talk and you can explain to him that it isn't that you don't like him you just need to work on you. That you enjoy his company and want him to know you care. Even if nothing happens right away the communication between the two of you will be there and there won't be any confusion. Down the line when you are ready for a relationship, it is important to let people in, even if it's just a little bit. The right person will love and accept you exactly the way you are. :)

    • Well I know she liked him. She was constantly liking his pics but he'd liked none of hers... I just worry that behind my back he was flirting with her too. But as my friends say, a guy would not put up with a girl being hot/cold and putting off dates for months if there was another girl he wanted at the same time. I can't stay in communication with him as he's cut me off completely after my last 'mood swing'. He's stubborn and won't contact me again :( I sent him a message last week explaining but added if I never hear from him again I understand and take care... he never replied :'( I miss him. I'mpicky. I was dumb.

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