Mothers Boy? How should I deal with this?

Okay so my boyfriend is very over his mother as in he actually told me she would always come first...
is this healthy for him?
for me?
four our relationship?
please give your opinion and advice on this
ok lets make myself clear we have been together for 3 years he is 21, but has to ask permission when he wants to do anything and if she doesn't approve then we don't do it, such as we want to buy a vehicle together and she said no?


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  • Yes that's how it's supposed to be mother and family before anyone, you should think about that too

    • firstly we have been together for 3 years now we are planning to spend our lives together...
      its been like this for 3 years...

    • Good for him I hope when my son grows he will do the same you can only understand this when you have your own kid

    • Clearly I haven't made myself clear he is 21, we are living together and whenever he wants t do something he has to ask her or tell her and if she doesn't approve then she says no. like we want to buy a vehicle together and she said no?

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  • Nope that is not healthy and you need to make that clear to him

  • I do not think he should be asking permission for everything.. Asking an opinion from others for your personal matters is fine.. But asking permission is too much.. As you said that you both have been together for 3 years.. so you should talk to him about this..
    He loving his mother more than you is absolutely normal.. I myself love my mom very much and i obviously would choose my mom if i had to choose between her and my boyfriend.. But i do not ask permission and all that from my mom.. I love and respect her a lot but i think that one should take decisions on his/her own..


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