He has "Mommy Issues"?

Okay, so you know how some girls have "Daddy Issues", well the guy I like has "Mommy Issues" I guess. His Mom left him when he was very young and it's clearly affected him and his relationships. I really, really like him though and I wanted to know how I should talk to him or try to get through to him? It seems as though he doesn't really let too many girls close to him emotionally.


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  • I think he is cautious around girls because of his mom. Try and talk to him, start by a little small talk, and build up as your friendship becomes stronger. But make sure not to break his trust because he is probably more emotionally fragile then most guys. I say you should try get to know him, he's probably very different on the inside. :) hope I helped


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  • You can't fix him hun. He needs therapy. He will play the shit out of you before you break through to him. Find a guy who is open to what you have to offer

    • I know, I'm not really trying to fix him, I know I don't have the skills to do that, I just want to know him more. Thank you =)

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