Do you think he was only being friendly/polite towards me?

For some reason i thought this guy liked me. He would seem nervous in my presence. Overcharge me on the till by accident. Make conversation when i went to his store. Like saying hello you alright, i know it's polite but i didn't see him asking that to others when the shop was busy.

I know they have to be kind so they get customers coming back in but i get this vibe around him an feel attracted to him as his job means he couldn't chat me up i did slightly presume he is into me.

As when i walked past his shop on other side of road as the door is always open i could see him staring from a far until i am out of sight he was straight faced.

That has happened a lot, he raised his eyebrow when i came in shop an watched me walk across aisle. He is always saying sorry when he messed up on till or if he's stocking shelves an i am waiting to be served.

Today i went in for tonic wine he wasn't behind till nobody was so i waited then he walked down aisle then when he saw me his eyes went big like before. An he said sorry i said it's ok.

I asked for tonic wine he said which one itold him. He then said do you have i. d i said not on me no he said i can't serve without it an said sorry about that so i left.

but weeks ago his colleague served me an didn't i. d me when he only met me once. An he said company trust their customers.

So is that a sign he don't see me like that an thinks i look like a child :(


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  • Hmmm what?

    There are stores in which they have strict policy about selling alcohol without ID.

    • Yeah i understand it's his duty to follow policy. Just think i read too much into his interction with him, do u agree

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    • Yh its hard to figure out cus its in difficult environment

    • Thanks :D

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