What nonsexual skills do you want your girlfriend to have?

Cooking, Organizational Skills, Financial Skills (Includes couponing, knowledge of financial plans, bartering, etc), Mothering (yes, it's a skill), Social Skills, Interpersonal Skills (encouragement, support, brainstorming, etc.), Welding, Decorating, Basic First Aid, Driving and Navigation, Sailing, Event Planning, Videogaming, etc.

Just about any skill you can think of. These are not traits (niceness, gentleness, coolness, friendliness, charisma, etc.) and I don't give a fuck how pretty you want it to be.
  • I like women who have marksmanship.
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  • I like women who know martial arts.
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  • I like women who have natural disaster training.
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  • I like women who can treat mortal wounds.
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  • I like women who can dance.
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  • Natural disaster training? You mean period tolerance?


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  • Videogaming? Would be nice to have a girlfriend who enjoyed playing videogames.

  • Doesn't matter

    • You would take a woman with no life skills whatsoever?

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    • Fine, for your small brain: What do you hope your gf can do omg?

    • Retarded I am! I don't have any skills I would want my lady to have.

  • lol wtfffffffffffffffffff

    • It's a thing. A lot of people talk about the end of gender roles but they still want a girl who can... cook and clean?

    • who the fuck said anything about ending the gender roles? only gaytard metrosexual pussyslave sissies think like that. the bitches gotta go back to their kitchens.

    • You did.

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