Guys, do u like being controlled by your girlfriend?

I just wanna know how a guy feel getting a jealous girlfriend. Do guys like it? She will control u not to talk with girls, go out with girl friends, etc, maybe because she loves u so much. U guys like it? Or do u think it's just a stupid thing?


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  • we don't like it.
    but in my case I remember the first year of my relationship she did all the things u mentioned in the question's description, nd although I dint like it nd we had fights but I obliged, mostly guys won't.
    u know it was really sad as I stopped having new frnds at all especially girls.
    now dat she trusts me nd relation is very matured she encourages me to make new frnd but m done with it now, at this age career is more of priority then thinking about making frnds. so now she knows dat it wasn't right of her to ask me to stop doing all that.
    on the contrary who knows it had secretly helped our relation by giving much time to each other.

    I ll advice u to juz communicate, let him know which girl in particular u think might steal him, nd he ll playfully tease u dat ur jealous but will assure u dat dear don't worry about it. trust me, something like dat. and he ll feel good dat u wory loosing him.

    maybe a little bit of controlling won't be bad after all, just don't over do it.
    and there's nothing better then honestly sharing how u feel.
    if anything goes rong juz tel him dat u trusted him to share ur insecurities with him.
    hope I dint confuse u instead lol , hope u got the hold of wot I wanted to convey


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  • I wouldn't know... it's never happened. LOL.

    I don't date girls who are insecure/jealous that way, and I'm in charge when it comes to my relationships. I'm not afraid to be single if need be.

  • In the bedroom go ahead.
    But outside of that as in restricting me with other girls etc? No she should trust me with these things and know i will always stay with her.

  • Is this your fetish? Why do you want control your guy?

    • NO, i don't. But he wants to control me. He is a jealous boyfriend and always telling me not to do which things... and he also tell me I can control him like that. He even like it. So I wanna know is it true.

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    • no, he doen't but almost everytime, i am together with him coz we're attending the same college together

    • How did you find this guy? What is so spatial about him, is he introvert or?

  • No and I won't put up with it


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  • Who would want someone like that? That is a total deal-breaker.


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