This guy just keeps on staring at me too much but has a gf?

Basically this guy just won't stop staring at me he use to talk to me but he's gone quiet just stares at me my friend tell me he always stares at me at lunch time I was talking to my friend he just staring at me Lool like everytime I'm there he's stares when I was talking to the teacher he was staring he has a gf


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  • He already has has a gf means he is in relationship with her, he does not likes you not to worry, maybe he is just trying to lift you in air like- X-men Jean grey a. K. a Phoenix, mutant comic series. Once he is successful in levitation he will stop staring at you.

    • Or maybe he wants to have an affair with you and a couple weeks of hookups

    • Lool I don't wanna get between him and he's gf

    • Love your xmen explanation

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  • It happens all the time you will get used to it as long as he's not making a move like I said just ignore him this kind of stuff happens all the time with or with out them having a gf.


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  • He's following the "look, don't touch" mantra right now. Although he's looking too hard if u can describe him as intensely staring at you. :-P


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