Do opposites really attract?

Bare with me, this is brand new to me!

I've been with the same guy, exclusively for 3 years now - prior to that, well, 4-5 years of just, whatever we were, which was totally awesome.
Anyway, we live together away from our home city, we run a business together ( I am the boss, ) we have a dog & cat child - but that's it.

K now, really anyway...
There is love, without a doubt. But I mean, my BIGGEST issue, the make it or break it ISSUE - lack of common interests.
His interests - his car, spending money on his car, video games, spending money on video games, our dog, and well, sports of course ----- all of his interests I not only deal with, but some, incl. sports I mutually enjoy, so that's cool.
My interests - date nights, movies nights, romance in general, making him happy, my dog <3, fitness, health, grocery shopping, shopping in general, football ( I love me some football. ) ETC.
I'm wouldn't say my interests are too far fetch.

Kay so what am I even asking?

What the f, is this guys deal? No matter what I do, no matter how much I care, or at least front that I do - it just hasn't seemed to make a difference. I mean, dude, I spent $1+k to buy you a B16 - just to try and let you know I'm trying to see eye to eye with your interests... Im trrrrying to understand.

God, I don't even know what I'm asking? I'm so flustered, I'm flustered by this relationship and the fact no matter what he says he will never truly give a shit about my interests. I mean, just even PRETEND to care, suck it the fuck up - like I do when I have to do things I don't really enjoy with you.

Bottom line: I LOVE movies, I love theatres, I love the experience. In 3 years, he's taken me to 1. Worst part about it, I've had 2 TOTALLY FREE movie vouchers in my wallet for two years, about to expire.

Does that say enough about my situation?


The girl with the empty feeling heart who has no idea what she is even asking you.
Okay, after reading my own post 3 times - I'm really wondering, can this relationship be saved? Is it really worth it? I can't help but think there's someone better out there for me, someone more like me. Or, am I being completely unreasonable with him. I don't even know anymore. Hence how I somehow ended up on here. Eesh.


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  • well you two have been together a considerably long time, so it may be true in your case that opposites do attract because in spite of all the shit that goes on, you two still remain together. but y'all also seem to have a lot of compatibility issues. nothing that can't be worked on of course, you're very young. but there is potential, just don't ever stop trying.


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  • You two don't sound like completed opposites, but yeah opposites do attract either they will really hate each other or really love each other those two things always happen with opposites.

  • Opposites do attract but it makes for a difficult marriage or long lasting relationship. Believers should not be "yoked" to unbelievers

  • I do think so

  • Not having the same interests is not a problem, not making an effort is.

    What I mean is, it's normal for people to have different interests and it's healthy for a relationship when each partner has a life of their own - you can do and enjoy certain things with your friends - that way you have some time away from each other, you have fun and it's better than dragging your partner into activity that he hates. My girlfriend goes to theater with her gay best friend - it's something they both enjoy and I'm glad they're having fun. I'm also glad it's not me who has to watch ballet on a regular basis :D

    On the other hand, he SHOULD be showing interest in your life. Asking about your day and hobbies, doing romantic stuff that makes you happy, keeping the spark alive. Just try to explain to him how much it would mean to you and how good it would make you feel. He needs to understand that taking you for granted and not making an effort isn't going to work. He needs to step up and do his part as well. Good luck!

    • You are so so right. It is the lack of effort, on his part - that is making this very difficult. Flusters me. I've been asking for change for the past year, and there has been nothing. No spark. No romance, and he doesn't seem to care too much to rekindle that.

  • Sounds normal.

  • I think people with Similair interests but have enough differences to make it more exciting attract each other


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  • At first it's exciting.. and then it starts to bug you.


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