To the man I love !! ?

Where are you this moment?
Only in my dreams.
You're missing, but you're always
A heartbeat from me.
I'm lost now without you,
I don't know where you are.
I keep watching, I keep hoping,
But time keeps us apart

Is there a way I can find you,
Is there a sign I should know,
Is there a road I could follow
To bring you back home?

Winter lies before me
Now you're so far away.
In the darkness of my dreaming
The light of you will stay

If I could be close beside you
If I could be where you are
If I could reach out and touch you
And bring you back home
Is there a way I can find you
Is there a sign I should know
Is there a road I can follow
To bring you back home to me

I hope i find you !! Love you <3


Most Helpful Guy

  • He's back working at 7 11 waiting for you, remember we talked about this in messaging

    • :LOL.. no i found out something.. his friend is there.. so that friend will tell me where he is..

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    • see the comment.. below.

    • I dont see anything

Most Helpful Girl

  • LOL! This is SO corny!
    If I found out someone had written this for me before we met, I would think they have too much free time on their hands and have been reading too much Nicholas Sparks.

    • its a song !! by enya

    • ohhh lol! it's a cheesy song :P Only certain people can get away with that level of cheesiness like Bruno Mars or Usher :P

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What Guys Said 10

  • Oh geez! that sounds great!
    you could make that poem into a song! i really like this!

    Is there someone in specific you wrote this to? or is it a future man?

    • its a song.. by enya.. not a poem,, someone specific !!

    • oh wow! lol!
      i was going to say you were a great lyricist!!!

      And wow! i would be flattered if a lady sang/dedicated this to me

  • Awww im right here ma little Angel <3
    Take ma hand and lego jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and fly from there to a new world together 💏

  • does this man actually exist and you hope he sees this? or is this just wishful thinking?

  • Jeez, what a bad poem.
    But it's not your fault that writing good poems in the English language is basically impossible.

  • It flowed nicely until you said "to me"

    Other than that it was real good.

  • Awww sweet.

  • Why did you change to anonymous?

    • :) some perverts like to message stuff.. on GAG..

    • like teh one swearing at me on this post !!

  • I am here... lol

  • I hope to god you don't actually quit your day job. You'd be useless to society otherwise.

    • shut up dipshit.. go do your job !! why u bothered..

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    • will send the Trash Truck for you to be picked up and dumped in a pile of shit you dip shit !!

    • Come on! I'm hard for you and won't beat you senseless like the other guy!

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