What's a shy guys interest?

My crush is a bit shy, how could I get him to notice that I'm flirting from a distance?


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  • Don't flirt from a distance. As a shy guy i would be in denial that you were even flirting with me. Instead tell him your intentions, touch and rub his arm, look him in the eyes and ask him out.

    • What if I've never talked to him before and don't even know his name? How do I approach him?

    • Just tell him "hi" and ask for his name. Tell him you were checking him out and ask if he's available sometime. Can even admit if you're feeling nervous bringing it up, but guys truly appreciate your effort to talk to him.

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  • you're an adult now, nothing wrong with walking up to him to say hi.

  • basically all shy guys don't share same intersts :-P


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