Guys why would you do this?

Okay so me and my ex broke up back in November. It was a terrible fall out & we both went into NC, 2 weeks after he went into what I thought was a rebound relationship. We hadn't spoken since until he messaged and apologised the other day.

In that conversation he asked if I had met anyone yet, said that he hopes someone comes along & sweeps me off my feet as I deserved it, also brought up about meeting up sometime to catch up. He insisted the conversation and even carried it on after I tried to end it 3 times as I was going out that night.

I didn't expect to hear from him for a while but surprisingly he messaged me the next day. But it was to do with his relationship problems!! I don't understand why he would talk to me about this? He has many girl friends who he can speak too. The girl who was a rebound from our relationship ended 2-3 weeks ago & he was now seeing someone else but was keeping his options open. He doesn't really like this new girl & I've told him to stop using her as an emotional crutch. Can anyone explain why my ex would bring this up with me? We haven't spoke in 4 months (he knows how long it's been exactly) and the second time we speak it's about how bad his love life is. Anyone any idea?


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  • He misses you and is to afraid to say it or his pride might be in the way. He probably hoping you might suggest the 2 of you spend some time together. that'd why he stated keeping his options open.


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