What are the signs a guy wants to make up after a fight?

I've been in a fight with the guy I'm seeing last week. (we are both in love but not together due to my choice) I was reacting OTT jealous and made a bit of a scene which I do regret. We go to school together so see each other every day.

I ignored him all week because I didn't know what to say. He did try to get some eye contact but he was also giving me kind of the cold shoulder.

Now since today he is slowly trying a bit more to talk about school related things and gave me a compliment on my presentation via e-mail.

Is he over it and forgave me for my behaviour? Or is he just normal friendly? I expected him to stay angry for a long time.


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  • Don't write back to him. Give him the same cold shoulder he's giving you. And he will write you eventually if he really misses you.


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