Why he's treating me like a shit?

i met a guy and we were friends but i never thought that we're gonna be lovers someday so everything were Unexpected and after getting closer and closer we started to love each other and we started to date
so at the first times we were like the best couple..
problems has come so we brock up many times but our love was too stronge so we came back but now i feel like he's someone else :(
he doesn't answer at all when i say i love you
he's not treating me like before ; he's just so tuff with me
and he talks to girls ( friends ) in front of me
he asked for a space and now we've 13 days that we didn't talk he just say hi... sometimes
i love him way too much, i'm able to die for him i swear
but why i don't feel like he's gonna not do the same
i mean i'm not asking him for anything i just wanna know why he's treating me like this?
he always comes back to me when we brock up..
why this? does he stop loving me? why this? :(


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  • you need to get over him. your first boyfriend will not be your last, just like a person buying a motorcycle.

    • but i love him :( how can i do this? !

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    • you first have to be 100% committed to ending the relationship with him. if you are not then you will never follow through because he will most likely try to get you to change your mind and you will most likely go with it so before you take any steps you have to know for sure, 100%, totally convince yourself that you want to end this relationship. it happens a lot when a guy only TELLS you what you want to hear but never comes through with ACTIONS so he's lying just to keep you on the fence until he finds someone he deems better.

      commit to your decision and then simply just tell him its over and that you don't want any part of the relationship anymore and that you don't want him to call you or contact you, you are simply over him. you're done. the end. and if he tries to contact you, block him on everything you possibly can.

    • okay i'll try :) thanks :)

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  • I don't want to be harsh but sometimes you need to be realistic. He keeps coming back because you let him, you need to be clear with him about what you want, set some boundaries. It's not okay for him to go on a break whenever he feel like it and leave you sad. You obviously love him more than he likes you. He is not worth your love if he cannot see that, if he doesn't care. You wanna know why he treats you that way, I can't tell you that only he can. Respect yourself and ask him straight up why he's acting this way, if he keeps making excuses then my advice for you is to leave him because if he loves you he would be clear with that. Don't fall for any excuses in which he keeps going back and forth because it will hurt you even more. Ask yourself what you want in a relationship, is this what you want? Are you happy?

    • yeah he hurted me too much but i always keep forgiving him like a silly girl :(

    • Don't forgive him anymore. You're wasting your time, find a real man who will treat you the way you deserve. You're not a silly girl, be a strong girl.

    • i will :) thanks for ur advice

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  • He's a piece of shit--that's why he's treating you badly. Dump his sorry ass.

  • You're his "go to" girl, when he's alone, he knows you'll always come back to him. You need to drop him, as a friend and as a lover. It's a toxic relationship

    • yeah ; actualy that's what happened i always come back to him easly :/

    • Like I said, you need to drop him

  • I don't know, probably you just deserve it.

    • deserving that treatment?

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