Guys what do you'll feel when an attractive girl is sitting next to you? Have you ever gotten turned on unexpectedly in class or work?

Like what do you start thinking in that moment what turned u on?


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  • In High School, most guys get chubs. You know if they do because after the bell rings, they'll spend an extra minute or two getting up and fidgeting with their backpack.

    • Did that happen to you? But like what makes them get those sometimes you are jot doing anything?

    • Hell yes, happened all the time. If the teacher was female and attractive, I'd look at her bum and get a chub. If I sat behind a girl with a nice figure or who had nice hair and smelled good, it would get me. Heck, at that age, a strong breeze will get most boys erect. Sometimes, it's a guy's imagination run wild. Sometimes it's just a really comfy pair of boxers coupled with sitting just the right way. As a teen, it happens... and a lot. As a 33 yr old man, it still happens at work sometimes. I guess libido has a lot to do with it as well. I've always loved women and loved loving women. Since I was a wee lad of 12 and learned how exactly, the "kit" worked.

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  • "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit, say something funny, say anything, talk to her, do it, stop being a bitch, you'll never get a better chance, you suck"

  • It happens all the time
    You see a cute girl, and your thoughts start running. Next thing you know things start getting uncomfortable.

  • I just pretend like nothing is happening

    • How? Like what u thought of to get turned on tho?

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    • Or just with the face possibly? Because I don't show boobs and guy was acting weird next to me

    • Rarely, I just think she's attractive

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