The boy I like, liked me too, but now he said he only likes me as a friend. people say he's just scared to start a relationship. So what do you think?

When he told me that, it hurt a lot... And it was also very confusing because everything was going great then he tells me this I just don't understand... So I wonder if he still likes me or not... Or is he scared to get heart broken again? Please help, and don't judge! please
  • he likes you, but he is just scared to get heart broken again.
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  • he doesn't like you sorry...
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  • he might be iffy on it. maybe he wants to wait until later because most all high school relationships dont last which would lead to a broken heart later.

  • i guess he was honest... but why's that bad? don't youvalue his friendship?

    • Well this comment didn't make me feel better but thanks... Ig

    • And of course I do, its just confusing how he changed his mind so quickly. Like nothing. His closest friends told me he's scared. But won't admit it.

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