Why is he so hot/cold?

Ok so this guy and i have been talking for a few months now, he's been a good friend of mine and in the past month I've started having feelings for him so i told him that i liked him. He was shocked and didn't believe me at first, he has kinda low self esteem issues. But anyway he didn't say that he liked me but he's been acting very happy about it and he called me pretty and said i was very attractive but I don't know if he's looking for a relatipnship or not. He said i want to ask you to hang out but is that weird and i was like no and then he told me i could come over the next day. I really wanted to go but my mom wouldn't let me and i told him that i think it kinda hurt his feelings but I don't know. I just feel like the next couple days after that we got distant and he just texted me and was like sup bro. It feels like we were on the verge of something but now he changed his mind. 😞 I just dont know cuz i catch him staring at me a lot and he kinda acts like he doesn't want anything to do with me but he xant help it. I've also noticed subtle differences in the way he presents himself around me, like he dressed really nice and combed his hair today, he's usually more of a jeans and tshirt type dork. Does he like me but doesn't want to take it a step further or what? Im just so confused, if he doesn't like me, why did he bother texting me till 2 am Friday night and six more times over the weekend?


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  • (sorting answers not being cocky)
    1. He prob doesn't get to use his phone til the weekend either because he isn't allowed or doesn't have time
    2. He might think that you lied to get out of going over so ask if you can invite him over to your house
    3. He seems really shy so take it easy on him and try to be nice if he seems either bored or depressed and do your best to help :) cause im very shy and its hard to think of things to do and he might be the same so suggest things to do :)

    • K thanks, he's not really shy but i do think there's some light in the second, he seriously thinks im joking. And that boy never sleeps, he is on his phone 24/7😂

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