Should I explain why I ignored him when I have a really good reason? Guys I need your advice?

Guys, I need your advice! I met a guy and had an amazing Valentine's Day weekend with him. We had a tense conversation about what to do next in our relationship and three days after that, someone in my immediate family got very sick and died suddenly.

He texted me all week (5 times in 8 days) and I couldn't respond. I was just really not in the right emotional state and I'm still pretty shaken.

I texted him back yesterday saying I liked the video he sent and again today saying how are you doing? and he's not ignoring me.

Should I just apologize and explain even if he's not responding to me now? Would you want to know why a girl disappeared on you after a great weekend connecting together?


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  • yeah... better explain, after all you've got a reason why you didn't respond :-)

    • Why isn't he answering my texts now? Maybe upset I ignored him?

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