What do guys look for in a girl that they like as a girlfriend?

Question says it all. Thanks.


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  • not serious about everything, cute, funny, playful, same interests, not high maintenance, nice, likes cuddling, apathetc, etc

  • everything

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    • everything, why do you think it takes us so long to commit, we take out time and make sure that everything about a woman fits with everything about ourselves, the bits that don't fi we see if we can be flexible with and work with, if everything fits all is well, if not then most likely the relationship breaks down. i know some will find it hard to understand this and other will hate the way i am about to break it down and make it simpler to understand.

      look at it like buying a car, you look at everything and make sure everything works, your not going to buy a car that has one flat tyre. in a relationship one must be comfortable with the other person and vice versa so if one doesn't take everything about a person into consideration then it is only going to lead to trouble later down the line

    • Thanks that helps

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